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Breaking down the balance sheet

Since the balance sheet brings a critical perspective to investors, it is important to understand this financial statement inside-out. Read this ebook to understand more about the fundamental balance that has to be maintained between the quantum of money that a company owns and owes.


Learnings will include

  • Right tick Understanding the basics of a balance sheet.
  • Right tick Learning the different components of a balance sheet.
  • Right tick Advantages and disadvantages of reading a balance sheet.
  • Right tick Easy to understand illustrations.
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I regularly read Value Research mailers to apprise myself of investment trends. This provides me with a useful background when considering fresh investments. To evaluate fresh investments, I use performance tables, which provide a useful database to make investment decisions.


Value Research helps me stay updated on financial literature. Also, I find the editorials unbiased and informative.


Where Value Research is really useful is when it comes to new or lesser known funds that are the emerging stars of tomorrow.

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