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Are you one of those investors who are highly suspicious of investing in the stock market? Then this ebook is for you! Read it to understand the fundamentals of this field and engrave the three important phrases in your mind: good businesses, right valuations and long-term focus


Learnings will include

  • Right tick Why should you consider equity investments for wealth creation?
  • Right tick How to buy a stock at the right valuation?
  • Right tick What is value investing?
  • Right tick How do you know whether a moat is sustainable?
  • Right tick Why is psychology important in the stock market?
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What our readers say about ebook


I just love the 'My Investment' section and keep a close eye on my funds' performance through the Value Research website.


I guess I have been able to achieve what I wanted to. Thanks to the guidance from the articles on the Value Research website and the advice of Mr Dhirendra Kumar. To switch over from regular schemes to direct growth plans, I chose funds of good standing based on the knowledge I gained from VRO.


Value Research has helped me in making informed decisions and is still helping me in my retirement plan. It comes as a handy guide when comparing the performance of different funds.

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