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In this ebook, nine veterans of the mutual fund industry share their investing lessons, mistakes, and anecdotes to help you become a smart investor.


Learnings will include

  • Right tick How can you benefit from the power of compounding?
  • Right tick Why shouldn't you sell your winners early?
  • Right tick What is more important - securing your financial goals or maximisation of returns?
  • Right tick How important is it to have a diversified portfolio?
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What our readers say about ebook


Value Research helps me stay updated on financial literature. Also, I find the editorials unbiased and informative.


I guess I have been able to achieve what I wanted to. Thanks to the guidance from the articles on the Value Research website and the advice of Mr Dhirendra Kumar. To switch over from regular schemes to direct growth plans, I chose funds of good standing based on the knowledge I gained from VRO.


Value Research was my first guide to personal finance and mutual funds. Even now, it helps me a lot by enriching my knowledge and updating me about the current market situation, while also clearing away confusion during the ups and downs of the market.

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