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As investors continue with their financial journey in a very volatile and chaotic environment, it pays to have a clear understanding of the tools used for measuring the characteristics of businesses. Read this ebook to understand the most popular valuation metrics in the stock market.


Learnings will include

  • Right tick What are the different metrics?
  • Right tick What are they based on, and how are they calculated?
  • Right tick What are the advantages/flaws of each metric?
  • Right tick An illustration for a better understanding of each metric.
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In early 2006, I came across Dhirendra Kumar talking about mutual funds on a news channel and soon I started reading every page on the Value Research website. I use the Value Research database for trends, as well as individual fund ratings and portfolio changes from time to time.


Value Research has helped me in making informed decisions and is still helping me in my retirement plan. It comes as a handy guide when comparing the performance of different funds.


Value Research helps me stay updated on financial literature. Also, I find the editorials unbiased and informative.

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